Our Neu Empowerment Model

Proactive interventions that enable and build resilience

In 2021, we conducted a comprehensive strategic review and changed our focus to be
more proactive and impactful to help raise an empowered new generation of children — one of
self-determination and unconstrained futures.

My NeuEducation

My NeuVoice

My NeuGrowth

My NeuOhana

My NeuEducation

Ensuring proactive educational intervention

Sponsored Tuition

Aims to support the academic performance of students who do not have the financial means for additional help with their studies. 

Bursary Awards

Aims to recognise the academic performance of students who have done well in their studies. This would imbue in them a sense of perseverance when faced with stress in school and resilience to bounce back to overcome obstacles.

Junior Enrichment Programme

A partnership under the Care Network Children Support Programme (CNCSP) to support children aged 7-12 years old with reading, creative writing, and other subjects. It also comprises of non-academic components such as art, speech & drama, and team building games which aims to develop children holistically.

My NeuVoice

Empowering confidence, personal dignity and emotional uplift


Qualified professionals provide children a safe and non-judgmental space to talk about their thoughts, feelings, and any issues that may hamper their well-being.

Youth Engagement Platform (YEP)

Provides an avenue for adolescents aged 15 to 21 years old to engage in prosocial activities with other positive influences. It also acts as a positive peer support system that adolescents feel safe and heard.

Mothers’/Caregivers’ Support Group

Provides a safe space for mothers with similar experiences to form bonds with and support one another. Topics covered include ways of coping with incarceration or an incarcerated spouse, as well as parenting matters.


Allows suitable volunteers to become role models who inspire, engage, and encourage adolescents to improve their self-esteem and confidence. Mentors and mentees may be paired on similar interests or industries.

Art Therapy

Uses art as a medium and the creative process to help children explore, express, and understand their feelings and emotions. It consists of multiple sessions where the art therapist curates their approach based on the circumstances of each child.

My NeuGrowth

Empowering confidence and sense of achievement


Workshops targeted at parents, youths, and children to develop themselves and improve familial relationships. Topics include mental health, communication, and parenting.

After-School Activity

Provides opportunities for children and youths to pursue interests in areas such as sports, music, art, and drama. Development in these non-academic areas will enable more holistic character-building in NeuGen’s beneficiaries.

Ad Hoc Enrichment Workshops (for children)

Allows children to develop skills in a wide range of fields and interests. These include arts & crafts, photography, and coding.

Ad Hoc Enrichment Workshops (for families)

Allows families to explore and develop skills in niche areas such as craftpreneurship, photography, and baking. These can be helpful to broaden one’s skillset which may be used to start a home business.

My NeuOhana

Rebuilding family bonds and a nurturing environment

Birthday Celebration

Allows families who may not have the means to celebrate their children’s birthdays as these are important to their development and well-being. Cakes, gifts, and food are provided so that families can create happy memories with one another.

Milk & Diaper Sponsorship

Assists low-income families to reduce the financial cost of milk and diapers for infants and children so that their growth and nutritional needs are met.

Festive Celebration

Allows families who may not have the means to celebrate festive occasions with their families. Food and groceries are provided so that families can create happy memories with one another.

Family Day

An annual event that gives families an opportunity to spend quality time together engaging in fun activities, usually at places of attraction. Family Day has been held at the Singapore Zoo, Adventure Cove, and virtually as well.

Living Environment Assistance Project (LEAP)

Aims to improve the home environment for children and families so that they may have a safe space to study and reside in.


A collaboration with Singapore Prison Service to allow for greater convenience to communicate with their loved ones who are still in prison via scheduled video conferencing.